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Pharmacy Prime Ltd
Cork Road
Co. Cork

Tel: 00353 (0) 22 54303
Fax: 00353 (0) 22 21360
Email: [email protected]

Pharmacy Prime has been set up to develop and deliver the very highest standard of pharmacy service, with a comprehensive range that is the best available.

Pharmacy Prime | Irish Healthcare Suppliers

Using the very latest technology to deliver an efficient and comprehensive service to patients in a number of care settings,
Pharmacy Prime is leading the way with innovative systems to bring the nursing/care home and pharmacy closer together.

In the care home environment Biodose Total Medication Management (ToMM) system helps improve drug administration management, helping care homes deliver higher standards of care, whilst ensuring regulatory compliance.

Pharmacy Prime | Irish Healthcare Suppliers

Biodose is the new replacement for outdated MDS, with a number of new important advances.

The Biodose system provides a single system for administering solid oral tablets and capsules, together with liquid medications, making Biodose the first system capable of delivering a complete solution to drug administration within the care home environment.

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